The key to success is by us all working together to make a difference to our communities

Michele Moran, Humber, Coast and Vale Provider Collaborative Chair

The Humber, Coast and Vale Provider Collaborative has been set up to explore and help to develop the architecture for Integrated Care across our system and to explore the provider role as an Integrated Care Partnership (ICP).

The collaborative have met on several occasions in order to develop our thinking as to how to make this work. All Providers have been represented. The discussions have and will link to the central work of the acute services reviews and other workstreams of the Humber, Coast and Vale Partnership, alongside supporting the system work at PLACE (i.e. in each local area). The role in our developing ICPs of Local Authorities is vitally important and one which is essential in planning and population health.

The work plan for the collaborative is developing and includes:

  • Developing principles of agreeing working together
  • Defining enablers
  • Clinical Governance processes and gateway
  • Pathways to collaborative working.

The Provider Collaborative also discussed the need to scope out which clinical and corporate services needed to be considered first as we develop our approach to working together.

The collaborative held a recent meeting which included Chairs or their representatives the outcome of which was fed back into the recently held Partnership System Leaders Event. The conclusions being:

  • Provider collaboration is already happening but there is an appetite to do more.
  • The move forward with 3 / 4 ICPs is at the right level.
  • Providers want to have an active part in design and development.
  • Resources are needed to enable us to make progress.
  • Recognise some time is needed to build relationships.
  • Engage with Local Authorities.
  • Scope what we are already doing in the context of the ICP.

All this demonstrates that there is real enthusiasm from providers to collaborate to further develop our services together for the benefit of patients, families and communities.

Michele Moran – Chair of the Humber, Coast and Vale Provider Collaborative


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