We want to help more people to survive cancer and support people in our region to live well with and beyond cancer.

Our Priorities and Programmes

Almost 20,000 people in the Humber, Coast and Vale are diagnosed with cancer each year; a rate significantly higher than the England average. Our plan seeks to improve cancer survival rates by ensuring more people are diagnosed at an earlier stage by improving awareness and uptake of screening.

Around 53,000 people in the Humber, Coast and Vale region are currently living with or beyond cancer. We are working together to improve the care and support people with cancer receive to enable them to be more in control and better able to cope with their treatment and recovery.

Further Information

National Cancer Patient Experience Survey 2017

On the 28 September, NHS England published the results of the National Cancer Patient Experience survey for 2017. This is an annual survey which was first undertaken in 2010. The survey has been designed to monitor national progress on cancer care; to provide information to drive local quality improvements; to assist commissioners and providers of cancer care; and to inform the work of the various charities and stakeholder groups supporting cancer patients.

The reports for the CCGs and Hospital Trusts across the Humber, Coast and Vale Cancer Alliance can be accessed below:

Full data tables by CCG and Provider across the Country can be downloaded from the National Cancer Patient Experience Survey website.


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Cancer Care Review Pack

Toolkit for local GPs to use when conducting Cancer Care Reviews with patients