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July 2018

Commissioning Policies

The Clinical Commissioning Groups in the Humber, Coast and Vale area have worked together to review their CCG clinical commissioning policies. As part of this process clinical policies have been amended and updated and brought into line wherever possible across all the CCGs.

The aim for establishing harmonised clinical commissioning policies is to reduce the variation in the content and implementation of adopted policies, in terms of the ability of people to access certain treatments in the different CCG areas where treatments are not routinely commissioned or restricted.

This work is ongoing and further policies are set for review – when new policies are published on this site communications will be sent out within each CCG to identify any changes. All other CCG clinical commissioning policies can be found on the respective CCG websites.

Understanding Individual Funding Requests and Commissioning Policies

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) need to make decisions on the range of health services/treatments that we commission (buy).  This includes ensuring that the services and treatments we commission meet the needs of our resident population and  offer value for money.  The majority of services/treatments we commission are available for the whole population, however, some are only clinically effective in very specific clinical situations or for a very narrow group of patients.  In these instances there is often considerable variation in the evidence of clinical effectiveness for these treatments, while costs also vary. In these cases CCGs commission the service/treatment on a named individual (patient) basis having first assessed that there is evidence that the proposed treatment is clinically effective in the address the individual patient’s need and that the patient should see a demonstrable benefit from receiving the treatment.

Each CCG within Humber, Coast and Vale operates an individual funding request (IFR) process for people living within that CCG area. As part of that process, CCGs often produce commissioning statements, which set out their position on a number of more common clinical conditions/treatments. The policies listed on this website should be read alongside the relevant IFR policy for each individual CCG.

Details of how the IFR process works can be found here:

The following revised policies have been approved by each of the four Clinical Commissioning Groups in the Humber area** and are now in use for decisions about treatment and medicines provided to patients.

** The above policies have been approved and are in use by the four Humber CCGs: NHS Hull, NHS East Riding of Yorkshire, NHS North East Lincolnshire, NHS North Lincolnshire. They should be used in conjunction with the relevant IFR process for each CCG (which can be found by clicking the links above).