Talking about cancer and what matters most

On Thursday 25th May, the Humber, Coast and Vale Cancer Alliance held a patient participation event that brought together patients, carers, their representatives and other people with direct experience of cancer and cancer services in our area. Over 60 people attended the event and shared their ideas and experiences about what matters more to people affected by cancer in our region.

They heard about the Humber, Coast and Vale Cancer Alliance and how they can be involved. The ambition of the Cancer Alliance is to “achieve world class cancer outcomes for our communities.” This will involve bringing together people and organisations to improve the local offer to help prevent cancer, to diagnose cancer early and to provide effective treatment and support to people living with and beyond cancer.

Participants at the event had the opportunity to help design future engagement plans and come up with ideas about how best to make sure everyone has the opportunity to have their say in changes to local cancer services. They highlighted the importance of conversation – taking the time to explain change to people affected and listening to their views and ideas.

Another key lesson learnt was the benefit of utilising existing groups and the information that they currently hold. We are therefore continuing to build our network of groups and individuals who have experiences and ideas to share.

If you are interested in joining any future events to contribute to shaping the future of cancer care in Humber, Coast and Vale, please get in touch. 

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