First Group of Cancer Champions Complete Training

By 29th January 2018Cancer

This week we are pleased to welcome the first group of fully-fledged ‘cancer champions’ in Humber, Coast and Vale. The cancer champion programme has been set up by the Humber, Coast and Vale Cancer Alliance. This programme is part of the Alliance’s work to ensure that more people who have cancer in Humber, Coast and Vale are diagnosed at an earlier stage by improving awareness and uptake of screening.

Almost 20,000 people in Humber, Coast and Vale are diagnosed with cancer each year; a rate significantly higher than the England average.

The cancer champion project, recently launched in Humber, Coast and Vale, aims to help support people to take charge of their own health and wellbeing and help those with cancer get diagnosed and treated earlier. Cancer champions are local volunteers who will use their experience, knowledge and passion to support those at risk of developing cancer and those recently diagnosed with the disease.

The new cancer champions will get involved in their local communities. They will share messages that will help reduce adult smoking rates and other behaviours that can increase a person’s risk of getting cancer, help prevent avoidable cancer deaths by encouraging people to take up cancer screening invitations or go to their GP if they have symptoms they are worried about. They will also get feedback from people to help improve patients’ experience of cancer treatment and care.

Local cancer champions can become involved in a wide variety of activities, which might include, for example:

  • Becoming a volunteer with a local community group to get more people talking about how to prevent cancer
  • Using your experiences to talk about cancer prevention, even just with friends and family
  • Visiting events and communities to find new ways to talk about cancer prevention

Anyone interested in finding out more about the cancer champion programme should contact the Humber, Coast and Vale Cancer Alliance team.

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