The key to the future is how we deliver care and maintain health and wellbeing in our local communities.

Simon Pleydell, Lead - Humber, Coast and Vale

Last week many healthcare leaders from across the country came together at the annual NHS Confederation conference. We looked back, with the help of some fabulous people from the NHS Retirement Fellowship, on the terrific achievements of the NHS as it approaches its 70th birthday and also forwards to the future and the challenges ahead for Health and Social Care for our country. The session on ‘Securing the Future’ led by colleagues from the Health Foundation and the Institute of Fiscal studies encapsulated what we have achieved to date, the challenges of our growing aging population and the need for future funding. If there is anything you read on this area of policy this year, you should read their latest publication. It is very clear that we have to address these challenges if we are to build on the achievements of the last 70 years, preserve our key values on health and social care and honour the legacy we have inherited.

For me it is vital that we adopt and change the way we work; focussing on collaboration between organisations delivering care to local people in their local communities, with a particular focus on health and wellbeing and prevention. We need to support individuals to maintain independent lives and manage, wherever possible, their health needs in the community. In many parts of Humber, Coast and Vale we have started this work and I hope we can feature some of this good work in forthcoming blog articles. The focus of the Partnership is to work at place level with plans and initiatives that reflect the needs of local communities. There are also issues to be addressed to ensure our local hospitals are sustainable and provide high quality services in the future. These are clearly important. However, what the facts now tell us, in a more compelling way than ever, is that the key to the future is how we deliver care and maintain health and wellbeing in our local communities. This message was clearly endorsed by Simon Stevens and other major NHS leaders last week.  It is the job of the Partnership to enable this to happen; a new way of working.

This week the leaders of organisations across Humber, Coast and Vale are coming together at a Partnership event to discuss what we need to achieve to make a difference for our local people in their various communities. I believe there is real hope for us. However, we will have to learn to work together in a different way; not just as individuals or in our case separate organisations from the health, social care and voluntary sectors, but as a genuine collaboration or team… As a West Ham (sorry) and England fan you only have to look at the World Cup to see what a difference genuine teamwork makes. Well done Mexico and Iceland!!


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