The key to the success of the programme has been to build upon existing clinical and professional relationships.

Alex Seale - SRO Elective Care Programme

This week’s blog comes from Alex Seale, SRO lead for the Elective Care Programme and Peter Reading, CEO workstream sponsor

The Humber, Coast and Vale Health and Care Partnership Elective Care programme has been developed in the context of rising demand and pressures for elective (planned) services. The work stream includes several programmes with a focus on pressured clinical specialities and demand management initiatives. The work stream aims to identify better clinical pathways incorporating preventative activities and ensuring that people are directed to the right place to receive their care through improving pathways as well as striving to deliver improved productivity in services.

There are a number of priority programme areas including cardiology, complex rehabilitation, diabetes, ENT, urology, gastrointestinal, MSK/orthopaedics, ophthalmology, outpatients transformation, pathology, prescribing and medicines management and clinical thresholds for treatments. The programmes are delivered through a collaborative approach to working between providers and commissioners of services across Humber, Coast and Vale and this has been supported by strong clinical and managerial leadership with effective engagement from all partners. 

The key to the success of the programme has been to build upon the existing clinical and professional relationships across all organisations to deliver improved outcomes for all patients in their local communities.

On Friday leaders of organisations across Humber, Coast and Vale gathered at a Strategic Elective Network meeting to discuss the progress of interventions designed to transform local elective care service with a focus on the transformation of outpatient services and the work to reduce current waiting list sizes and eliminate 52 week waits. There was a real commitment shown by all leaders across our organisations to work together to achieve these goals.

Alex Seale – SRO Elective Programme and Peter Reading – CEO work stream sponsor



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