We remain positive and resolved to bring about the strategic and transformative change that local people deserve.

Phil Mettam - Accountable Officer, Vale of York CCG

This week’s blog comes from Phil Mettam – Accountable Officer for Vale of York CCG.

Partnership development and collaboration continue to characterise our work across the north of Humber, Coast and Vale.  Features of this include our work to create a system footprint that enables our organisations to work more effectively together on the wellbeing agenda as well as caring for people outside of the hospital environment. Where patients need hospital care, we are increasingly working closer with NHS Scarborough and Ryedale CCG and alongside York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to sustain services for the future. We have developed joint working arrangements that now include shared work programmes and governance to ensure we work to common objectives with good clinical input. Clinical networks across our geography are relatively under developed so we are working to build these for the future.

The focus we need as a wider partnership is now starting to look like a York and North Yorkshire footprint. This partnership includes the upper tier local authorities in each area and, working more closely together in areas such as children’s services, education and on housing, will position the CCG to join up objectives that can deliver the ambitions of the NHS 10 year plan. Examples of how this is already working is through the York Place Based Partnership which is helping us to work together on shared challenges, such as mental health services for children and workforce issues in the domiciliary care sector.

In the Vale of York we continue to strive to stabilise and improve the system’s financial position. It is difficult to create financial headroom to transform services, however we have a new Governing Body with new clinical leadership who are all determined to respond to what local people have told us. Local people want better access to mental health services, particularly for children and young people, they also want more professionals working together in primary care to offer a more integrated service that supports them and their families.

The York system was one of the first to be reviewed as a system by the CQC, the focus was on services for the over 65 age group. This review helped us and our system partners to focus together and we are finding that we have responded well to the main messages. Partnership working takes time when it is done properly and we still have work to do.

Relationships continue to develop and improve and working together is creating an optimism that the system in the north of Humber, Coast and Vale can be known in the future as a successful and vibrant part of the NHS, not one known as in the past for its financial distress and weak partnerships. We remain positive and resolved to bring about the strategic and transformative change that local people deserve, working together as part of the Humber, Coast and Vale Partnership.

Phil Mettam – Accountable Officer, Vale of York CCG


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