Senior partners across Humber, Coast and Vale are committed to the value of a collaborative approach to addressing the challenges that our communities and localities face.

Simon Pleydell, Outgoing Partnership Lead

This week’s blog comes from Simon Pleydell  outgoing Humber, Coast and Vale Partnership Lead.

I have just finished my last week as Lead for the Humber, Coast and Vale Partnership. I hope we now have a pathway on which we can move forward, based on working in a collaborative partnership, to address the very real challenges of health and wellbeing in our communities and localities. Key to this will be the development of Integrated Care Partnerships, between health, social care and indeed to whole public and voluntary sector in our three (four) main areas: North Yorkshire and York, East Riding and Hull, North and North East Lincolnshire. These partnerships will take time to develop and need clear shared objectives, which I hope the planning process for 2019/20 will help to shape. I believe that senior partners across HCV are committed to the value of such a collaborative approach to addressing the challenges that our respective communities and localities face.

In a recent meeting with NHS England and NHS Improvement it was recognised that, whilst we did still face challenges related to constitutional targets and finance, we were making significant progress in the way we were working together. The ambition has to be that through these new ways of working we can address our challenges in a strategic and sustainable way. This should then place us in a better position to deliver what will be asked of us in the Long Term Plan and future constitutional targets.

The HCV Estates Strategy that was developed in the summer has been reviewed by regulators and has been rated as ‘Good’. This clearly shows our ability to come together as a whole geography and do high quality work on a key issue – many thanks to all those who contributed to this. We now have to wait and see what the outcome of the July capital bidding process is. For our Strategy to be well received can only be helpful. Our work on the digital agenda across the patch has also been well received.

Last week I attended the East Riding showcase day in Bridlington. This gave local teams, working across the public and voluntary sectors, a chance to talk about their achievements in terms of local communities’ health and wellbeing and service improvements. It was simply a fantastic day full of energy and commitment, providing real evidence of what colleagues in the East Riding are achieving in partnership together. There were some wonderful stories of the impact frontline staff working in a new way across organisational boundaries can have on individuals and their lives. I can only encourage others to learn from some of these achievements and also to share their own. Based on this evidence colleagues should be proud of what they are doing and the real progress they are making.

I would like to sign off by wishing you all the very best in your future work and collaborative partnership. I believe that this is key to how we will meet our societal challenges of health and wellbeing and that you should have confidence in what you are doing and the very real achievements you have already made in place and locality level. Thank you for your help and cooperation as we have worked together over the last year. It has been very good to work with you and renew so many acquaintances from my previous time on the patch. I hope you will be confident to continue the journey and capitalise fully on the important achievements you have made.

Simon Pleydell, outgoing Humber, Coast and Vale Partnership Lead.


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