Advanced clinical practitioners come from nursing or allied health professional backgrounds. They are registered healthcare professionals educated to at least master’s degree level.

Health Education England have defined what an advanced clinical practitioner is and outlined job entry requirements to ensure national consistency and that advanced clinical practitioners, colleagues, employers and patients understand the remit of advanced clinical practitioners.

The competency framework, which is being developed, will provide advanced clinical practitioners with guidance and principles to follow throughout their careers, which clearly outline the pathway into the profession and opportunities for career development.

For further information visit Health Education England’s Centre for Advancing Practice.

Advanced Clinical Practitioner Growth in Humber, Coast and Vale

In 2016 the Humber, Coast and Vale Health and Care Partnership Workforce Board identified advanced clinical practitioner growth as a key workforce priority to address some of the area’s challenges. Advanced clinical practitioners are fundamental to system-wide service and workforce transformation.

The overarching aim of the Faculty is to enable growth in the advanced clinical practitioner workforce through collaborative and system-wide approaches to recruitment, retention and development of advanced clinical practitioners.

Click here to watch a video of a recent presentation at an ACP Conference, that shows Faculty works across the system to strengthen growth in advanced practice roles across Humber, Coast and Vale.

Recruitment and Training in Humber, Coast and Vale


Advanced Clinical Practitioner Recruitment

Organisations across Humber, Coast and Vale are keen to support the training of more advanced clinical practitioners than ever before. Health Education England agreed to support more than 80 trainee advanced clinical practitioners in the area during 2020/21.  We recruited 72 trainee advanced clinical practitioners in 2020/21 into hospitals, general practice, community and mental health services across the region. Recruitment is currently underway for 2021/22.

Organisations recruit independently through the NHS Jobs website in partnership with universities, following which offers are made pending successful applications to university programmes. If you would like to be apply keep an eye on NHS jobs because organisations will be recruiting again over the coming months for a September and January starts with our local Universities.


MSc in Advanced Practice

In the Humber, Coast and Vale area, the University of Hull and the University of York offer MSc degrees in advanced practice. Beyond the Humber, Coast and Vale area, Huddersfield University, Bradford University, Leeds University, Sheffield University, Leeds Beckett University and Sheffield Hallam University offer MSc degrees in advanced practice.

Advanced Clinical Practitioner MSc Apprenticeships

Standards for Advanced Clinical Practitioner MSc Apprenticeship programmes have now been approved by the Institute for Apprenticeships.  The Level 7 Apprenticeship programme will be delivered by higher educational institutions (HEIs) listed on the Register of Apprentice Training Providers (RoTAP) and the Register of End Point Assessment Organisations (RoEPAO).  The Apprenticeship programme will combine on-programme academic and work based learning and assessment, cumulating in an End Point Assessment (EPA) of the achievement of knowledge, skills and behaviours as outlined in the apprenticeship standard.

Please click here to see the Apprenticeship Standards.

For local guidance on how the Apprenticeship programme may impact your organisation, please see the Humber, Coast and Vale ACP Apprenticeship Guidelines for Employers.

Pipeline into Advanced Clinical Practice

The Faculty have developed a pipeline into Advanced Clinical Practice, showing all routes of access.  Click here to see the pipeline.

Our Work

Quality Strategy

The Faculty have developed a Quality Strategy to support the Delivery Plan.

The strategy combines quality improvement and assurance, supported by a quality framework, in order to reduce unwanted variation in the quality of learning environments and support the sustainable growth of ACPs that meets the needs of patients, employers and staff.

It has been co-designed with stakeholders of the Faculty, including ACPs themselves, and aligned with national and regional policies.

Retention and Career Development

The Faculty is continually working to support the retention and career development of ACPs and PAs, examples of this include:

  • Working with the NHS Leadership academy to deliver bespoke training to both trainee and qualified ACPs and PAs to enhance leadership skills
  • Scoping work in relation to retention post-COVID
  • Quality assurance work (underpinned by the HCV Quality and Governance Framework) to understand where areas of good practice and gaps exist with mechanisms in place to support emerging issues

Strengthening Education

The Faculty works with local HEIs and employers to ensure our region continues to deliver excellence in education provision, for example:

  • Apprenticeship pathway – work with employers and HEIs to establish and promote the apprenticeship pathway in our region with resources and guidance for employers as part of a sustainable, long-term approach to growth
  • New Application Process – development of a new application process for employers requiring HEE funding
  • Aspiring ACP development – work with employers to scope the demand for a module for staff aspiring to ACP level study, bridging the gap and working with local HEIs on its development

Online Learning Opportunities

The  Faculty of Advanced Practice are facilitating one hour, monthly online learning sessions for qualified and in-training ACPs. See below for future sessions available:

You can see the most recent recording on Brain Injury here.

Further sessions are being developed and details will be shared in due course.

Advanced Practice Leadership Webinars


In partnership with the NHS Leadership Academy, the Humber, Coast and Vale Faculty of Advanced Practice delivered a 2-day leadership seminar series in July.

The bite-sized sessions were delivered online to our local advanced practitioners (APs) and physician associates (PAs) and led by experts from the University of Hull and Sheffield Hallam University. They focused on understanding of leadership along with effective tools and models to support the development of leadership skills in practice.

Attendance and engagement has been fantastic, with over 60 of our local APs and PAs joining both sessions and sharing their own unique perspectives. Each session was recorded and will be available on our website in the coming weeks. Evaluation of these sessions will help to determine future training provision for our local ACPs and PAs.

You can see the recordings of each session below.

Guidance for Employers

More Information

For more information, please email the Faculty. Please remember to include your name, organisation (if applicable), contact details and a summary of your request in the message.

If you are a qualified or in training ACP and would like to receive information from the Faculty, please email us with your name, organisation, email address and specialist area.