The Children and Young People’s Alliance brings together representatives from across the ICS including health, education, social care, public health and the voluntary sector. The aim is to develop a work programme that will  deliver the commitments set out in the NHS Long Term Plan.

Our Priorities and Programmes

Our programme is guided by NHS England and NHS Improvement’s Children & Young People’s transformation programme, which has identified key national priorities in relation to children and young people.

The alliance will then, through local data analysis be able to determine where  our priorities are and where we need to focus action  

Planning and Activities

The Children and Young People’s Alliance has agreed 5 key principles to focus planning and activity:

• We will lobby and pioneer for children, young people and their families by ensuring their voice is heard and represented in all that we do

• We will build an integrated system which works for children, young people and their families to improve quality and experience of care and support

• We will reduce the duplication and overlap of workstreams/programmes to provide clarity

• We will describe outcomes and impact in all that we do

• We will prioritise reducing inequalities.


Start Well, Live Well, Age Well

We want children and young people of all ages to live healthy lives, be able to achieve their goals and be accepted and supported in the communities they live in.

Plans & Strategies

Alliance Framework

The Children and Young People’s Alliance has agreed the governance framework through which it will deliver the programme. Led and co-ordinated by a core team including an Executive Senior Responsible Officer, Programme Manager and Project Support Officer who are responsible to NHS England and NHS Improvement and the ICS Board.

The Children and Young People’s Alliance will also bring together existing relevant national and regional networks to support delivery of the outcomes.


The NHS futures platform will host relevant papers, planning and progress documentation for The Children & Young People’s Alliance.

Current Priorities

Current active priorities include reviewing population health data, developing the engagement strategy and improving outcomes for children and young people with long-term conditions (asthma, diabetes and epilepsy). There is also a schedule of ‘deep-dives’ (detailed enquiry) planned including out of hospital/care in the community, special educational needs and disabilities, children’s end of life and palliative care, neurodiversity, early support and transition into adult services.

The Children and Young People’s Alliance also links closely other work programmes, such as mental health and maternity to strengthen collaboration and avoid duplicity.


Kooth provides FREE confidential online support and advice to young people aged 11 and over in the Humber, Coast and Vale area.

It is a blended service providing free online, school and community based counselling support.


The Children and Young People’s Alliance meets every two months, and if you would like to know more, please contact Programme Manager [email protected] or Project Support Officer [email protected]