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Skills Platform

Information about education and training opportunities for support staff in the Humber, Coast and Vale area is available on the Skills Platform.

This platform will be updated regularly with new opportunities.

If you would like to advertise any education or training your organisation provides, please email the Workforce team.




T Levels

T Levels are a brand new qualification designed to give you a work force of work ready students, with the relevant skills to help strengthen and grow your business. T Levels are new courses coming in from September 2020, and they will follow on from GCSEs and will be equivalent to 3 A Levels. These 2-year courses have been developed in collaboration with businesses and organisations to help equip students with the right skills and knowledge your business and industry needs.

T-levels will be available in a number of subject areas, with the first T Levels becoming available in construction, digital and education & childcare from September 2020.  Health and Science T Levels will be available in 2021.

Guidance on delivering the T Level transition programme has been published for providers taking part in the first year of its phased implementation.

Useful links

Government Introduction to T Levels

NHS Employers – T Levels

Funding Streams

The Workforce Consortium has collated information on alternative funding streams available to support the health and social care workforce across Humber, Coast and Vale, which you can find here.

Funding is available for staff training, projects and recruitment.