Welcome to the Health and Social Care Workforce Consortium, previously referred to as the Excellence Centre. This is an alliance of health and social care partners and educators focused on the the recruitment and retention of support staff across Humber, Coast and Vale.

Our ambition is to improve access to high quality learning opportunities for all support staff, reduce unnecessary duplication, strengthen connectivity and scale up good practice, innovation and transformation across Humber, Coast and Vale.

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Focus on Social Care

** The Department for Health and Social Care campaign for Adult Social Care launched w/c 1 November across all channels. Click here for more details. **


Promoting careers in Social Care

Take a look at the case studies below that give an insight to working in social care in Humber, Coast and Vale.

You can also visit the following websites and take a look at our Careers Pathway which shows some of the roles available in Social Care:

Skills for Care Health and Wellbeing Resource Finder

This Resource Finder is for all social care workers and employers. You will find wellbeing resources that have been selected as particularly relevant for the social care sector.  You can filter your results to reduce time and energy searching for resources for yourself and others.

Watch the video below of Catherine, who is a Residential Care Worker in a Hull residential home.

Watch the video below of Tracy, who is a Registered Care Home Manager in a Hull care home.

Watch the video below of Bobby, who is a Learning Disabilities Worker in North Yorkshire.

Watch the video below of Jordan, who is a Support Worker in a residential home in North Yorkshire

Read about Lynda who is a Registered Manager in a care home in York.

Read about Luke who is a Senior Care Worker in a residential home.

Read about a Care Co-ordinator working in a learning disabilities team in Humber, Coast and Vale

Read about a Jane, a Principle Social Worker who works with adults in a health and social care housing department