Start well, live well, age well

Our Partnership’s ambition is for everyone in our area to: start well, live well and age well.

This means shifting the focus of our work from picking people up when they fall to helping to prevent them from becoming unwell in the first place and supporting more people to manage their health and wellbeing at home so they can get on with living happy and fulfilling lives.

Our Vision for the Future

Throughout 2019, we engaged with individuals, groups and organisations across Humber, Coast and Vale to develop our long term vision for the Partnership. 

In March 2020, we published our Partnership Long Term Plan, which sets out our key goals and aspirations for our population over the next five years.

Download a copy of the full document here
Download a copy of the summary document here
Read more about our plan and how we developed it

What will be different?

In developing our plans for the next five years, we spoke to our partners and communities across Humber, Coast and Vale and talked about the things that people want to see change. These are the sorts of things we want people in Humber, Coast and Vale to be able to say as a result of the changes we are making by working together.

“I know what I need to do to live a healthier life and can get advice and support in my area.”

“It is really simple to get advice and treatment when I need it unexpectedly.”

“I can book my appointments online and see a doctor or nurse when it suits me.”

“My children know about looking after their mental health and can talk to someone if they are worried about themselves or a friend.”

“My mum can keep living at home because everyone is working together in her community to look after her before she falls or her condition gets worse.”

“I can monitor my diabetes or other health conditions on my smartphone and I can get in touch with my nurse if I’m worried.”