Start well, live well, age well

We want everyone in our area to have a great start in life and to have the opportunities and support they need to stay healthy and to age well.

To achieve this we are working hard to make the necessary changes to our local health and care system so that it can become better at helping people to stay well for longer and provide good quality treatment and care to those who need it both now and in the future.

Our Vision for the Future

In October 2016, we published our outline plan for the partnership, which sets out our key goals and aspirations for our population.

Download a copy of the full document here
Download a copy of the summary document here

What will be different in the future?

“People will have more power to choose and take more control of their health and wellbeing.”

“We want to be a health improving system not an ill-heath treating system.”

“A system which supports people in their communities.”

Simple, effective, joined-up care

People from across our area have told us that they want to see services that are more joined-up so they don’t feel like they are being passed from pillar to post. Local people have told us they want health provision to be simpler and for there to be better information about where to go for help. People have told us they want to stay healthy and avoid crisis situations but to know that they can access support when they need it.

This is what we – the people responsible for health and care services locally – want too. 

We are working together to bring about the kinds of changes required to make our health and care services more effective at keeping people well.

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