AIEM for Health and Social Care

AIEM for Health and Social Care

Across Humber, Coast and Vale (HCV) Health and Social Care partners are working together to promote Health and Social Care as a career of choice.

This AIEM for Health and Social Care framework brings together the work that is happening across the region, highlighting examples of good practice, as well as sharing links to national resources that can be used to support people into Health and Social Care careers.

We are continuing to work with Partners to create a single point of access to the resources available.  These will be added to the sections below.

The framework model and guidance can be found here

A Careers Pathway has also been developed for the Humber, Coast and Vale area, which you can find below.

We need to ensure that people have up to date and relevant information on the opportunities available in HCV. This is where we can provide more detailed information on for example, the roles and responsibilities of the job and how to enter the profession.

Click here to find out what information is available to help you develop awareness on Health and Social Care Careers.

We need to consider how we develop awareness across HCV, who we target and how we create a positive perception of careers in Health and Social Care with a focus on diversity, inclusion and widening participation from disadvantaged and underrepresented groups.

Click here to access the resources available to help you develop awareness of Health and Social Care Careers.

Engagement is an opportunity for people to interact directly with employers, to have any questions answered, to visit the setting where they could be based and potentially experience elements of the role they are interested in all of which could cement their interested in a career in health and social care.

To find out more about the resources available to support Employer Engagement click here

Mentorship and Raising Aspirations
The underpinning principle of the Step into Health and Social Care Framework is how we can raise aspirations and support those who may need that bit of additional support to enter the Health and Social Care sector.  Mentoring is an effective way to support and encourage people who have made the decision to work in Health and Social Care develop in their career.

To find out more about the resources available to support Mentoring and Raising Aspirations click here

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Health and Social Care Rotational Apprenticeships

The Workforce Consortium is facilitating an increase in the supply of health and social care support staff working across Humber, Coast and Vale through effective recruitment and retention strategies, which includes the development of a rotational health and social care apprenticeship programme.

The apprenticeship programme, which will include placements within a variety of health and social care settings, will help to provide a more flexible workforce.

The programme will help to deliver a motivated, skilled and qualified support workforce in health and social care.

Nursing Associate Apprenticeships

The Workforce Consortium is leading and coordinating the development of the nursing associate role across the Humber, Coast and Vale, particularly in out-of-hospital settings. This is to ensure that organisational workforce needs are met across the system and that newly registered nursing associates are given adequate support to work and thrive in our region.

Primary Care

The Workforce Consortium has been working to share information with Primary Care colleagues on the nursing associate role. We have developed a case study with Primary Care colleagues that illustrates the experience of a trainee nursing associate in practice. We have also been working with Haxby Group Primary Care Workforce & Training Hub, Health Education England and local Higher Education Institutions to develop an information pack for Primary Care. This provides Primary Care colleague with information and support on the nursing associate role. We have delivered an information sharing event to GPs in North East Lincolnshire in October. Following subsequent interest from GP practices, the Excellence Centre has worked with large employers to share some of their levy to support four nursing associate apprenticeships in Primary Care. These apprentices will start in early 2020.

Social Care

The Workforce Consortium are keen to support our social care and independent sector employers develop nursing associate role where required across Humber, Coast and Vale. As such we are working with Health Education England to develop a package of support that will enable trainee nursing associates to be recruited and trained with a view to employment on completion of the programme. With this in mind it has been agreed that Humber, Coast and Vale will pilot some work to enable sufficient growth of nursing associate roles in the social care sector for the Yorkshire, Humber and North East region.

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Care Certificate Programme

The Workforce Consortium is developing a care certificate programme for Humber, Coast and Vale, that is applicable across health and social care. Training will be delivered to support staff in both sectors, and will be transferable across roles and employers. This will be done by:

  • Reviewing good practice on care certificate delivery
  • Working with providers to review delivery of the care certificate in the region
  • Reviewing current health and social care care certificate courses in the region
  • Developing an integrated Humber, Coast and Vale health and social care certificate – considering models of delivery
  • Piloting the delivery of integrated health and social care
  • Evaluating the pilot programme

Extension of Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO)

The Workforce Consortium has secured funding for a hospice-led ECHO initiative that will create more learning opportunities for care home staff to complement existing activity. The funding will help to develop three hubs in North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire; Scarborough, Ryedale and York; and Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire, which will be led by local hospices.

North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire

Lindsey Lodge Hospice and St Andrews Hospice

Having completed the preparation and engagement phase, the team recently held launch events at Lindsey Lodge and St. Andrew’s Hospices.  There was a small but enthusiastic number of care homes attending each one. The first training programme for care homes started in January 2020.  The theme is dementia care and the sessions are as follows:

Date Topic Speaker
12/03/20 Implementing an ADRT (Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment) Kate Scott

Dementia Clinical Nurse Specialist

26/03/20 Reminiscing Dave Welburn

Dementia Clinical Nurse Specialist

Following this, further networks will be offered on topics such as frailty, end of life care and safeguarding. We are also planning to extend our offer to home care providers and care homes for people with learning disabilities. For further information or to book a place, please contact the team

Scarborough, Ryedale and York 

St Leonards Hospice and St Catherine’s Hospice

The project team are now in post and are in the planning phase of the project prior to delivering sessions. The team have identified a network of care staff with whom they will engage in order to deliver curriculum sessions and will aim to formally do this later in the spring.

The hub is a member of several national and international Project ECHO networks in order to better coordinate our care services as a Hospice. For further information or to get involved, please contact the team

Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire 

Dove House Hospice

The Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire ECHO Team is now in place. The project manager and administrator have started their new roles and also have the advice/guidance from Sister, who will be offering the team clinical support.

The team have recently completed the required 3 day Immersion training for delivering Project ECHO, presented to the East Riding of Yorkshire Health Care Forum, promoted Project ECHO to care homes and commenced engagement with other stakeholders across Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire.

The team are now entering the next phase of the project and shall be holding an engagement forum in the coming weeks, invitations will be sent to those care homes who have shown an interest in Project ECHO.  The engagement session will introduce the way ECHO works and be the forum for curriculum discussions and agreement.  If you haven’t already let us know you would be interesting in attending, please contact the team