Physician associates are healthcare professionals who have the attitudes, skills and knowledgebase to deliver holistic care and treatment within general medical or general practice teams under defined levels of supervision.

Although physician associates are dependent practitioners, they can also practise independently and make independent decisions. This is enabled by collaboration and supportive working with their clinical supervisors.

The Royal College of Physicians and Health Education England have more information on the role of physician associates.

Physician Associates in Humber, Coast and Vale

In 2016 the Humber, Coast and Vale Health and Care Partnership Workforce Board identified physician associate workforce growth as a key priority in addressing some of the challenges across the area. Physician associates are fundamental to system-wide service and workforce transformation.

The overarching aim of the Faculty is to enable growth in the physician associate workforce through collaborative and system-wide approaches to recruitment, retention and development of these healthcare professionals.

Recruitment and Training in Humber, Coast and Vale


Physician Associate Recruitment

A system-wide preceptorship scheme has been developed to support employers and to promote growth and development of the physician associate role in Humber, Coast and Vale.

We are working with our employers and Hull York Medical School to enable as many PAs being educated in Humber, Coast and Vale to join our diverse workforce as possible.

If you are interested in recruiting a PA or would like further information, please email the workforce team

Physician Associate Ambassadors

Four PA Ambassadors (PAA’s) have been funded by Health Education England to work across the Yorkshire and Humber area to champion the PA role.  They are leading on organisational and professional improvement projects specific to the PA role. 

We are lucky enough to have a PAA allocated specifically to work with the Faculty of Advanced Practice in Humber, Coast and Vale one day a week. Our PAA works alongside the Programme Manager to ensure these professional roles are represented at a regional level, linking into national pathways and developments. You can contact our PAA by emailing the workforce team

Find out what our PAA has been up to here

Primary Care Workforce and Training Hubs

As a primary care workforce and training hub in Humber, Coast and Vale, Haxby Group and Freshney Green provide support for local practices and co-ordinate local schemes of behalf of Health Education England.


MSc in Physician Associate Studies

In Humber, Coast and Vale the Hull York Medical School offers a master’s degree in physician associate studies. Beyond Humber, Coast and Vale, the University of Leeds and the University of Bradford offer master’s degrees in physician associate studies.

Physician Associate Ready Scheme - Haxby Group

Haxby Group also provides a physician associate ready scheme to practices across Humber, Coast and Vale.

  • Haxby Group offers support for practices to employ and develop physician associates in general practice
  • Participating practices can access a two-year training grant, support workshops and a peer support network

For further information email [email protected]

Our Work

Promotion of the PA Role

  • The Faculty have created a suite of evidence around the impact and benefits of PAs within primary and secondary care settings. This will provide employers and staff with a basis on which to conduct workforce planning and inform workforce decisions.

Benefits of Physician Associates Infographic

Benefits of Physician Associates Literature Review

  • Employer webinar – the Faculty is delivering a webinar for employers on the benefits of PAs in primary and secondary care

Strengthening Education

The Faculty will look to strengthen education by:

    1. Considering evaluation content relating to education and training
    2. Developing ways in which PA transition to the workplace can be strengthened with a review of the preceptorship programme and creating a more robust, systematic process that creates employer and PA confidence with high level consistency across organisations that further supports governance
    3. Establishing ongoing learning opportunities for PAs employed across Humber, Coast and Vale
    4. Updating the  Humber, Coast and Vale PA governance document that was originally produced in 2018 to ensure high quality training and education is provided

Retention and Career Development

The Faculty are working to consider and promote retention strategies that include:

  1. Creating a career framework that enables opportunities to progress that considers appraisal, regulation and rotation
  2. Preceptorship/foundation/transition years
  3. Career opportunities – you can find recent survey results on the development of a careers pathway here
  4. On-going development, that includes leadership

Online Learning Opportunities

The  Faculty of Advanced Practice are facilitating one hour, monthly online learning sessions for qualified and in-training PAs. Further sessions are being developed and details will be shared in due course. See below for future sessions available:

You can see the most recent recording on Brain Injury here.

York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have also opened up their General Practice CPD sessions to ACPs who work in Primary Care. The following sessions are available:

  • 09.02.22 – Diabetes
  • 13.04.22 – Abnormal Blood Results
  • 11.05.22 – The Ill Child & Child Development
  • 08.06.22 – ENT
  • 13.07.22 – Men’s Health

For further information or to book on to these sessions, please contact [email protected]

Advanced Practice Leadership Webinars

In partnership with the NHS Leadership Academy, the Humber, Coast and Vale Faculty of Advanced Practice delivered a 2-day leadership seminar series in July.

The bite-sized sessions were delivered online to our local advanced practitioners (APs) and physician associates (PAs) and led by experts from the University of Hull and Sheffield Hallam University. They focused on understanding of leadership along with effective tools and models to support the development of leadership skills in practice.

Attendance and engagement has been fantastic, with over 60 of our local APs and PAs joining both sessions and sharing their own unique perspectives. Each session was recorded and will be available on our website in the coming weeks. Evaluation of these sessions will help to determine future training provision for our local ACPs and PAs.

Guidance for Employers

More Information

For further information, please email the Faculty. Please remember to include your name, organisation (if applicable), contact details and a summary of your request in the message.

If you are a qualified or in training PA and would like to receive information from us, please email us with your name, organisation, email address and specialist area.