The Humber, Coast and Vale Health and Care Partnership works across a geographical area of more than 1500 square miles taking in cities, market towns and many different rural and coastal communities.

Our area stretches along the east coast of England from Scarborough to Cleethorpes and along both banks of the Humber. Humber, Coast and Vale incorporates the cities of Hull and York and large rural areas across East Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire.

Together we form the system of organisations that are responsible for planning, paying for and providing health and care services within the area known as Humber, Coast and Vale. We serve a population of 1.7 million people all with different health and care needs.

There are different organisations from across the health and social care sector which are formal members of the Partnership (these are listed below). This includes our four acute hospital trusts, three mental health providers, six clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), six local Councils, three community services providers and two ambulance trusts.

These organisations, however, only represent part of the health and care system across our area. Across Humber, Coast and Vale there are around 230 GP practices, 550 residential care homes, 10 hospices, 180 home care companies and thousands of voluntary and community sector organisations all helping to keep our local people well. We need to all work together in order to provide the best services for our local people.

Our Partner Organisations

In order to address the challenges in our health and care system we need to work together and make changes to improve our local services but this doesn’t mean that every change will involve all the partners across the whole of Humber, Coast and Vale.

Many of the changes that need to take place in order to improve our local health and care system will be planned and implemented locally. These changes will be overseen by local place-based boards in each of our six “places” (currently, the areas covered by our Clinical Commissioning Groups – CCGs).

In addressing some of our challenges it makes sense to work together across a larger area. For some issues this will mean working across the whole of Humber, Coast and Vale and for others we will work across smaller areas or sub-groups of partners.

The common theme across all aspects of our work will be collaboration and a belief in the principle that two heads are better than one.